It’s More Than Just Pushing a Button

It’s More Than Just Pushing a Button

So what does a Graphic Production Manager do exactly? Am I a Production Manager or a Graphic Designer? Well, it’s a little bit of both. I am the glue that holds creative work and vendors together.

I’m the ‘behind the scenes’ person that gets stuff done. My purpose is also to help improve efficiencies and manage how projects are organized on the server so that we in the creative department work as a unified group.

What sort of tasks do I do? All kinds! Everything from mocking up a direct mail piece to making copy edits. Additionally, I do search for images and prep files to release to vendors. That is the meat of my day.

There are challenges of course, and time is one of them. (Isn’t it for everyone?) Deadlines are always looming and the constant flow of projects in various stages puts your organizational skills and patience to the test. Don’t forget to spell check! Does the address show through the window? Better do another mock-up to be sure. Did I clean up the color palette so that it matches what the vendor spec’d? What is the 4-color equivalent to Pantone 193? Which vendor is this going to because they need the native files a specific way. Oh wait, now it’s going to that other vendor? OK, they only need a hi-res PDF without crop marks or bleeds. Can’t you just push a button and make it all happen?

So, where do these projects go and what happens to them when a job is complete? Great question. Our job folder that we use for each project is organized in such a way that layouts are saved from concept through final release. In case a client ever wants to go back to an original concept from six months ago, we can easily pull it from the archives once a project releases, it sits on our server for a couple of months before it is moved to our Mac Archives server. Occasionally, we’ll keep a project on the server for longer because let’s face it…it is the nature of the beast for a project to come back to life. We use our best judgment to decide when projects get archived.

As I am writing this blog post, I’ve come to realize just how many things I do and do well. But it’s the people I’ve worked with over the years that have helped improve my skills and knowledge and have shaped who I am as a professional. I am forever grateful. At the end of the day, my job is interesting and exciting. I get to work with some amazing people and have fun doing it! There will always be challenges and my attitude towards them is that it is an opportunity to learn something new and evolve even further.

So you see, it truly is more than just pushing a button.

If you seek organization, consistency, and overall perfection, Bess DiLullo is the only choice. Her attention to detail and leadership over the studio/production department earns high credibility for Umarketing.