Efficient, Effective Project Management in Today’s Agency

Efficient, Effective Project Management in Today’s Agency

Project Management is a core component of marketing and requires collaboration from all areas of an agency.  For UMarketing, it’s become more challenging in recent years due to coworkers in offices across the country, more flexible schedules, and remote employees.

Fortunately, technology has kept up with these changes and allowed us to have a more integrated, efficient platform that allows us to stay on top of what is going on throughout the agency.

The old way and its limitations.   

As recently as three years ago, we used Quickbooks Enterprise to keep track of our financial data, Microsoft Word and Excel for templates of project briefs, schedules, estimates, and invoices, and an FTP site for transferring large files.

But as UMarketing expanded its services, staff and locations, this became quite cumbersome.  While everyone still loves their daily status meetings, we needed a platform that could provide information to any employee in real-time about what was expected from them for that day, week, etc.

Enter Workamajig.

Despite its weird name, we settled on the Workamajig platform, which allowed us to integrate our financial management with our project management, including managing resources, media, purchasing, time tracking, file storage, and digital proofing.  Since this platform includes all of this data in one place, reports can be generated with the click of a button to view status reports, job and client profitability, and company financial statements.

Workamajig was built for agencies, by a group of guys that have been there, done that.  The capabilities within the program allow for tracking leads, generating estimates, providing access to clients to approve estimates, requesting quotes, providing access to vendors to respond, generating orders, tracking time, invoicing the client and reconciling projects.

Clients want to know that they can count on us to get the job done right, on time, and within their budget.  Throughout the entire project, the account manager has access to view everything that is being applied against their projects and how that tracks against what was originally estimated.  This is critical to manage the scope and maintain profitability on each individual project.  The ability to communicate to the team within the project, route and request approvals on a proof, and get notifications on what you are responsible for each day makes collaboration simple, project management efficient, and clients happy!

As Director of Finance, Sarah is responsible for the accounting, financial management, and human resource administration for UMarketing.