The Fresh & The Funky

The Fresh & The Funky

In the wide, weird world of advertising and marketing communications, there are really only two kinds of creative.  You’ve got your Fresh, and then you’ve got your Funky.  And you can pretty much tell which one you’re dealing with the second you see it.

Smart creative that leverages relevant insights to make a deep, resonant connection with the viewer?  That’s fresh, baby.  Like toro in Tokyo.

Stick-on lettering hyping a sushi special, pasted on a wood-paneled minivan parked down by the highway?

Sushi Truck


Can you smell the funk?

It’s simple.  In advertising, as in sushi, fresh is always better.

And yet, just about every day, we encounter creative that is so misguided…so confusing…so gosh dang funky, we have to wonder:

Someone paid good money for that.  What were they thinking?

As creative professionals, we at UMarketing strive to produce work that is always fresh, and never funky.  And we’re certain most creatives out there are similarly committed.  But sadly, despite our best efforts, funk happens.  Funk happens a lot.

That’s why we’ve created The Fresh & The Funky, a bloggy salute to all the good (and not so good) advertising we encounter in the wild.

We invite you to check back often for new #freshandfunky updates.  And get ready to get funky.

Have you seen an ad, direct mail piece, or other marketing communication that’s Fresh or Funky?  Snap a pic and email it to, and we may feature it in a future post.

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