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Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth’s interest in research began at age 14 when her household was selected as a Nielsen Family. She’s been fascinated by ratings and measurement ever since!

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Ken Lomasney

A marketing, technology and analytics career dedicated to the principle that there is always a ‘smarter, better, cheaper’ way to meet your goals.

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Erica Rivera

The search for and implementation of new marketing solutions for my clients makes me happy. So does coffee, expensive yarn and tango shoes.

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Steve Bonnell

As UMarketing’s resident digital analytics expert, Steve is focused on measuring and optimizing clients’ digital marketing programs. He’s also passionate about sports analytics, building his record collection, and vacationing in the Florida Keys.

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George Wiedemann

George is Founder and CEO of UMarketing LLC. Founded in 2007 UMarketing offers Unified Marketing: strategy and content for data-driven marketers delivered via Accountable Communications. It maintains offices in New York, Chicago, San Jose, Princeton and Columbus. George has been a senior manager of agency services for most of his career. He joined the Wunderman agency, part of Y&R, in 1978 and was made Director of Client Services. He founded Grey Direct in 1980 and grew the company into a global $1 billion+ agency system. After WPP acquired Grey the company merged into a unit of WPP known as Geometry which is part of O&M. Always interested in the frontiers of marketing and innovation, George left Grey in 2000 to become President and CEO of Responsys (went public in 2011: MKTG, NASDAQ) which Oracle acquired in 2013 putting it at the heart of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. During his career George found time to serve for 15 years on the board of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), becoming Chairman of the Board in 1999/2000.

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Bess DiLullo

If you seek organization, consistency, and overall perfection, Bess DiLullo is the only choice. Her attention to detail and leadership over the studio/production department earns high credibility for Umarketing.

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Chris LeSueur

When I’m not molding ideas into words for UMarketing clients, I’m either playing guitar, reading, watching the Hawks, or sleeping.

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Christina Matkovich

Christina recently accepted an internship at UMarketing and has a true passion for research and analytics. She enjoys turning raw data into a meaningful story.

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Rosann Bartle

Rosann leads the creative and digital teams and has over 20 years of experience providing award-winning creative and strategic solutions for our clients.

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Bridget Conley

As UMarketing’s Financial Administrator, Bridget handles the day-to-day financial and human resource responsibilities that keep UMarketing running smoothly.

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Alicia Wiedemann


Advertising and marketing executive currently working as General Manager of the UMarketing NY office. Alicia has spent her career as the strategic lead on both branding and direct campaigns and has worked across various industries including banking, utilities, fashion and liquor. Alicia loves photography and painting and stays busy entertaining her already ambitious toddler.

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Sarah Whisson

As Director of Finance, Sarah is responsible for the accounting, financial management, and human resource administration for UMarketing.