Relevance Is Key

Relevance Is Key

In a world of overwhelming metrics and ever-demanding ROI objectives, everyone is looking for the next big thing. At UMarketing, we strive to understand all of the emerging technologies that are now available, but only apply them where we see true value.  While all clients want the next groundbreaking campaign, we embrace the concept that relevance is key.

Recently our PPL Electric Utilities client tasked us with 4 very different objectives for the upcoming year. For those in the agency business, that is no big surprise. Everyone wants what our CEO loves to call the “tall short lady” — a laundry list of demands for a consistently shrinking budget (yes, stick around UM a while and the puns get even better). But in the end, it wasn’t that difficult to achieve (I can say that now that I have all the metrics in and the campaign was a homerun!).

The key: Stop trying to push corporate speak and provide the customer with truly relevant content. In our case, completely personalized videos. Through our partner Idomoo — who is rather new to the US market — and our great designers at The Studio, we now provide PPL EU customers with quarterly videos that demonstrate the customer’s current energy use and how that compares to other seasons, previous years, and other customers in the area.

The video was a success in every way you look at it and, amazingly enough, actually achieved all 4 of our objectives. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves: We had open rates of 30%, CTR of 50% and 13% of the customers watched the video and took additional action (on average visiting 5+ additional pages) — all leading to a CPR or CPA (action) well below all other channels we have tried over the last 5 years.  So, what was the key to success … the innovative technology? The ingenious strategy (says the account person ;)? Or the captivating creative?

While it is hard to break each piece apart and attribute the success to just one member of our team, I go back to the beginning: Relevance is key. I am sure nobody in the business can deny that there is always (and will always be) a new shiny object for our clients. Regardless of the channel, or the creative, or even the team developing the concept, the key to increasing KPIs is to really deliver content that the consumer wants. If it is something they want, they will come back to view it again, share it with friends and family, or maybe even talk about it at the good old water cooler — always expanding your reach beyond even those original KPIs.

Advertising and marketing executive currently working as General Manager of the UMarketing NY office. Alicia has spent her career as the strategic lead on both branding and direct campaigns and has worked across various industries including banking, utilities, fashion and liquor. Alicia loves photography and painting and stays busy entertaining her already ambitious toddler.